External Event: Christopher Thacker: A Tribute and Celebration
Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Christopher Thacker: A Tribute and Celebration

This event will be held at The Garden Museum. Please book tickets through their website by following the link below.


Christopher was a member of the DGT for many years and many will remember Thomasina Beck and Christopher attending DGT functions.

Christopher Thacker who died in September 2018 aged 87 was one of the founding Trustees of the Museum of Garden History (now the Garden Museum) and a mischievous historian with a passion for Dracula who became an inspector of parks and gardens.Even when he was afflicted by the onset of dementia, which he suffered for the last 14 years of his life, his mischievous sense of humour was not extinguished. When a nurse was trying to extract blood from one of his veins, he suddenly declared: “I’ve written about vampires, you know.” Indeed he had. As his wife explained to the nurse, Christopher had a fascination with Count Dracula and wildness, especially in the era of Romanticism. He wrote countless articles and books, mostly on less scary subjects than blood sucking. He was also the founding editor of Garden History, the Journal of the Garden History Society now The Gardens Trust.Christopher’s eventful life will be remembered and celebrated by garden historian Min Wood with contributions from Dr Brent Elliott on his considerable literary output and Dr David Jacques on his contribution as the first inspector for the Register of Parks and Gardens of Historic Interest.For those who did not know Christopher, the evening will be an insight into the pioneering days of garden conservation and the beginnings of garden history as a discipline.


  • 6.30pm Museum doors open
  • 7.00pm Welcome and Introduction – Christopher Woodward
  • 7.05pm Christopher Thacker remembered – Min Wood
  • 7.25pm His Literary Output – Brent Elliott
  • 7.45pm The Gardens Register – David Jacques
  • 8.00-8.15pm Discussion and Questions – Christopher Woodward


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