Humphry Repton Study Day
Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Venue: Stafford House, West Stafford, Dorchester DT2 8AA

Lecturers: Laura Mayer and Kate Harwood

Time: 10:15am-3.30pm, including coffee, lunch and a guided garden tour

Tickets are limited...DGT members only, £50 each, cheques made out to "Dorset Gardens Trust"

Apply by post with s.a.e and cheque to: 

Joan Dallyn, Wool House, Bugley, Gillingham, Dorset SP8 5RD


The Lecturers

Kate Harwood is a garden historian, holding a Masters in Garden History from Birkbeck College.  She is a lecturer, writer and researcher in garden history. She has previously taught for Cambridge University and Birkbeck College, London.  For more information on Kate, please click here: CV

Dr Laura Mayer is an independent lecturer and researcher.  She holds an MA in Garden History and a PhD on eighteenth-century landscape design.  Laura has published extensively, including on Capability Brown, and Jane Austen's contemporary, Humphry Repton.  For more information on Laura, please click here: CV


Kate Karwood's Lecture: Repton's Influcences

Kate Harwood's lecture..."Repton's Influences"... will examine the differences between Brown and Repton in laying out a landscape.  Repton started where Brown had finished adding his ideas of Appropriation, of the Picturesque and of domesticity.  Brown's sites were usually under his control (even if indirectly) and he "oversaw" the layouts even if it took years.  On the other hand Repton's took decades with change of owner and sometimes of family, and with no further input from Repton himself.  Having the "blueprint" in the form of a Red Book from Repton could mean that they were not started for decades...as at Stafford House....

Dr Laura Mayer's lecture: All Around is Fairy Ground: Repton and the Regency Garden

Humphry Repton (1752-1818) ambitiously named himself Capability Brown's successor: the century's next great improver of landed property.  Developing a new aesthetic, which he termed 'Ornamental Gardening', his Regency layouts were laced with flowers and crammed with frothy features.  

Immortalised in Jane Austen's novel Mansfield Park, Repton's famous Red Books - illustrated to help his clients visualise the pleasurable potential of their properties - did much to encourage an appreciation of landscape aesthetics amongst the rising middle classes.  This lecture traces his designs from their Picturesque beginnings to the progressive Gardenesque style


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