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..... to the website of The Dorset Gardens Trust.

We are a conservation charity working to protect the county's many historic parks and gardens for future generations.

We work with garden owners and local and national bodies to highlight, protect and encourage the conservation and restoration of designed landscapes, ranging from stately homes to public parks, cottage gardens to cemeteries. Principally funded by over 500 members, we run visits, lectures and events where members can share their interest and knowledge in a sociable atmosphere. Through its research and recording programme, the Trust undertakes and supports research on sites of historic interest, including sites that the Trust has rediscovered, as well as on other related topics. We share knowledge through our Journal and also seek to inspire the gardeners of the future through imaginative projects with schools.


This site aims to provide an information source on gardens and designed landscapes in Dorset as well as describing the activities of the Trust.



Some tickets have been issued for the 26th Feb lecture incorrectly showing it as a Monday.  It is on THURSDAY 26th Feb.

• Members may be interested in the Shaftesbury Snowdrop Festival, which takes place from 12th to 22nd Feb and in the Pearl Gala, a fundraiser for Dorchester Arts on 27th February. Details of both events are on the Non-DGT Events page.